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Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions that our clients ask.
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Through the Official Injury Claim website you can choose Chartwell Medical as a medical reporting organisation or opt to arrange a medical report with an accredited doctor. The doctor can only carry out the medical and write the report, whilst a medical reporting company, like Chartwell Medical, can guide you through the process, check the report and offer additional help if required.

If you are making a personal claim, as a litigant in person, you can contact us, but you should start your claim on the Official Injury Claim website first.

If you are a solicitor or insurer, please contact us with your instruction or enquiry. We offer a comprehensive service and support for your client.

In most cases, the compensator will pay for your medical report (unless you are represented). The first medical report for a case has a fixed fee of £180 plus VAT. If you (as the claimant) live outside England and Wales you need to arrange and pay for your own medical report or you can arrange a medical in England and Wales which the compensator will pay for.

Chartwell Medical can arrange further medical reports, if required. These medical reports will usually have a fixed cost and be arranged and paid for by the compensator. Fees for any other experts that are not fixed will be paid up to a maximum of £750 (exc.VAT).

The figures for the compensation you will receive have been set by the Government and are detailed on the Official Injury Claim service website.

Chartwell Medical is not a legal practice and is not able to offer any legal advice. If you need legal advice we will refer you back to the Official Injury Claim website or put you in contact with a solicitor who can help you.